Sire and Dam: Backtimed
Hatching Date: March 27th, 2008 (Back timed with the advent of Threadfall)
Theme of Clutch: Four Seasons
Theme of Dragonets: Weather / Elements / Elemental Things
Hatchling Name: Feverish Rage of Sleeted Night Bronze Dragonet
Dragon Name: Gnaedath

Clutch Message:
Sidijith will see that one buried with rest. She will shorten the ditch as Xanth digs it, making it deeper and wider. Then the young queen will run her hide along Xanth's again, side to side, flank to flank, tail along his. Settled there a moment she will shuffle herself forwards, cover the hole, and drop the last two eggs to the Sands. Still small, these two. One pale ivories and whites, one blackened and blue, as if Nomi and Thad or Xanth and herself were caught in egg form and dropped into fired earth, together. Winterborn, they were, and winter is where they will end this.



Winter Solstice
Shadows lovely, dark and deep, bury the shell of this languorous egg in quilted, downy, vivid shades of winter's longest night: midnight blue, ebon silhouette, moonlit ivory, and the twinkling silver of a million tiny stars. There is a promise in that panoply of glittering and gleaming metallic starlight as it dances with the darkness, a guarantee in every flashy step and glimmering swirl of pearl that light will return to the world, anon, and winter's hoary grip will be broken. For now though, over cavernous blue and yawning, mysterious blacks, winter holds fast as feathered patterns of frost and crystallized ice lit by the cool touch of moonlight.

Hatch Message:
Suddenly, Winter Solstice Egg goes from a dead stand-still to a rocking and snipping frenzy! It jostles and jiggles as if filled by rage, what’s inside its dark cage, fussing against the hot, hot heat of the sands beneath! Pop – a split shoots across the ice of its surface before a quiet stillness comes over once more.. Raspy, a muffled trumpet shakes the shell apart at it seems and out flops the dragonet, flat on the belly!

Maybe then the little bronze could crawl around, trying not to be noticed, thinking he's blending in with his surroundings until LOW AND BEHOLD!!!! -W'ren!

Impression Pose (what the audience sees):

Feverish Rage of Sleeted Night Bronze Dragonet is on a roll now… mostly because he can't stop. Four steps became five, six, and seven in rapid succession. The eighth and he hits a bump in the sand, the ninth is more just a passing attempt at taking a step. The tenth spills him back into Sand at the feet young man with unruly ruddy hair and eyes far too blue. Without getting up, the little bronze turns his cheek into the Sand and tries look his Candidate in the eye….

Feverish Rage of Sleeted Night Bronze Dragonet pubbbthth's back, whuffling more volcanic sand into Waebren's face. Shoving at the ground with his back legs, he ploughs himself towards the fallen Candidate (in so many ways) without bothering to try and get up again, stopping only when his wet-hided nose comes to rest against W'ren's paltry human one. Then he chuffs again and wiggles his arse with delight. You can almost here him say » Mine. «

Impression Message (what you see):
Whirls of hot, arid heat sweep across your being, the smell of Igen's desert air seeming to whip right in front of your nose! « My name's Gnaedath. I wonder how much of that meat over there we can swipe before anyone notices… »

Dragonet Description:
Copper, deep and rich, sidles covertly from the shadows of dramatic eye ridges and a mysterious bandit mask of shiny black eye sockets before engulfing a massive muzzle and spewing into a lithe length of sunset bronze neck. Sweeping around, dipping down, coppertone light fades into night at the juncture of lean chest and haunches where darkness slinks into prominent overlarge wings with obvious cinnabar overtones splashing into bright scarlet, tangerine and ochre, as if Rukbat itself permanently casts an innate mirror image upon the wingsails' brilliant aileron. A swathe of fire-tested ebon imbued with red undertones capes a back-half devoid of blubber and smaller in proportion to his expansive, flexible wings, aiding the lift and inexhaustible swift lure of this mystery of quick-minded and big-hearted bronze.

Emotionally driven is your bronze Gnaedath, and what a roller coaster it's going to be! Being as he is also such a thinker, he could spend entire days lazing about in his thoughts and emotion that come with them if only you would let him. « Where does the green stuff go in the winter? It dies? Oh how tragic! » His emotions are each so great that it may be quite some time before you can even start to separate the emotions he is certain to overwhelm you with from your own.

There is a bright side to this situation you've gotten yourself into.. Gnaedath, in general, will most often by happy in his thoughts. Still it all depends on what he feeds off of from you. A happy W'ren will make for a happy Gnaedath, just like a sad W'ren will make for quite a depressed lifemate. Gnaedath will give you all the love and support you could ever need! Or at least he will try. And even when all is well between the two of you, your loving bronze will spend countless candlemarks in worry that he could’ve done better. « But I should have gotten you at least one more mark! »

Gnaedath worries. He worries about you, he worries about the clutchmates, he worries about which way the wind will blow tomorrow! But have no fear, usually just as soon as he begins to worry, a new distraction comes along and sweeps him to his next emotion. There isn't an emotion that your lifemate won't go through as he will feels things that he doesn't understand, some possibly even so complex that you can't understand them. Maybe try telling him a secret to pull him out of it?

« Secrets? I love secrets! I can keep a secret… » Gnaedath lives for secrets almost as much as he lives for mysteries of the unknown. As much as this big boy loves you, he will quickly put that aside for a good story. Those marks he'd been working so diligently to collect for you? You can place bets on them that they'll be gone for that story he wants to hear! Still there's a bigger catch. Gnaedath lacks the ability to keep a secret. The bigger the secret is supposed to be, the more Gnaedath will share it with others. He loves how mysterious you play to everyone else to such an extent that he wants to share this love with Pern!

Gnaedath may come off as spontaneous, which he is, but really the boy can't keep his mind on one concept at a time! « What? Oh, W'ren, that was ten ideas ago! Lets go see who's at the lake, I bet they'll have a story to share! » Happy-go-lucky, artsy, playful.. All around you've got yourself a lifemate that purely and ultimately loves life and all that comes with it!! « Even juggling! W'ren, do that move again! Oh, the magic! » Ahhh juggling. There's one thing your father’s brother, your Weyrleader, won't have to worry about: whether you will be good at juggling or not. And if you want to stay on Gnaedath's good side, you'll be among the best at juggling just about anything your lifemate can think of.. That's actually possible to juggle anyway.

« Girls? I like girls… Without girls, there would be no boys! » Gnaedath likes girls, he thinks they are beautiful creatures. But he's not what you might normally think of when it comes to bronzes.. Instead of being such a womanizer, Gnaedath is more like the geeky kid that likes to write poems and letters to girls. And he'd like you to do the same. « It's not /weird,/ Taini is a girl and therefore a beautiful creature that should be treated as such. Write! » He thinks poetry is something to be done to just about anyone, not just girls that might make good mates. He's fine hanging with the guys as well but.. they might tend to find him on the odd side by how he views the world and all his poetry writing. Nevertheless, Gnaedath is still perfectly fine just lazing around outside. « Why can't we just stay here in the grass? They know the secret to growing taller and the trees bigger. Do you think they'll share this with me? »

Gnaedath may be a little on the slow side as he learns to fly as there are oh so many other things he loves as well that it will be extra hard to keep your boy focused. So many other things he would rather be doing or trying. « Yes, you make new straps… I'll fill my jaws with water from the lake and spray it on Orlaith! Boy cooties! It’ll be a hoot!! » But keep him focused, one way or another, and he will fly with the best of them. Maybe remind him that flying is like floating around through nature? Which it will be for Gnaedath, and once he masters flying it will be just another thing to distract him from what he really needs to do.

« Battle!! » Drills will be hard enough to get through, but the first actual Threadfall with Gnaedath will be difficult to the extreme. It's not that he (and you!) hasn't trained, it's just that the first chance he gets to flame his greatest enemy will get the better of him. His spontaneity and determination combine with spectacular results: « Look at that clump there! I've got it! No, wait, this one is closer - oh, that one is about to hit Mrrth! » Despite his greater stamina as a bronze, all that zipping around will wear on him. It'll be up to you to get him to focus on one thing at a time and follow through, or you may end up leaving Fall early.

Mind Voice:
Zap! Whenever those gears really get going in Gnaedath's head, and he gets fired up about anything and in any emotional direction, sounds of electrical zaps can be heard! These zaps also become more noticeable when his imagination peaks. In other words, when Gnaedath dreams –and boy is he a dreamer!– those Zaps! through his head will be heard like lightening. Guess you could think of it as an odd way of snoring.. really odd.

Gnaedath's actual voice that is now forever engraved in your own thoughts is quite smooth. In his youth he will sound rather raspy to you, much like the little hound-pup from Fox and the Hound. But as he ages, his voice will be suave enough that he could’ve made quite the Harper.. if he had not have been a dragon.

Mind Scent:
Brilliance!! Here is where the power of persuasion comes out strongest with your bronze Gnaedath. Sometimes pulling information from others can be a bit tough. Secrets are often told to those that others can trust or remind them of things they love… Gnaedath's mind scent that he shares –and shares often– will creep in almost unnoticeable and is quite a vast array of different smells that adapt and shift with whomever he may be conversing with. He uses a smell that works well with the other person that may even be their favorite.. Smothered onions.. Cookies baking in the oven… Fresh and still steaming bubblies… Whatever it takes.

Physical Voice:
Smooth as an infant's bottom! His voice is masculine and just the right pitch to be soothing to many of those that hear it. Even in his youth, his bugles will be pleasant. Overly loud, but pleasant. Maybe as he matures, this will help him with the ladies. Of course until he matures, it might be a bit on the annoying side as it just may seem that Gnaedath isn't capable of /not/ showing off his vocal talents. « Shut up? What would you like me to shut up? And where? And what did it do wrong that it needs to be shut up? » Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera..

Gnaedath will never be amongst the biggest bronzes of Pern. He will outgrow Xanth though not by too terribly much. And much like his personality, his growth will be sneaky. So sneaky that even you might not even notice he’s grown! « What? No I told you a sevenday ago that my straps felt a little tight.. They aren’t going to fit, W'ren. Go steal Orlaith's straps! I bet we could tighten those and use them… »

Eating Habits:
Your bronze will be much like an ADHD kid; he can eat little bits all day long but his energy keeps him from holding all those 'beasts in and plumping up. He won’t look sickly-thin as long as you help him focus on finishing a meal that he's started. Lucky (or not) for you, Gnaedath is going to love hunting! The beauty of nature will always draw him in and while he will find wild creatures beautiful, he will also develop and understanding of the circle nature makes. « I know it hurts the 'beast when I kill it but.. If the dragons weren't to hunt and kill, dragonkind would die.. If that happened, who would save the rest of the creatures from Threadfall? » Just don’t expect him to have this understanding in the beginning since you’ll be feeding him until he's old enough to get his own food. It's only then that one of his moments where he's lost in thought will a glow go off in the boy's head and the 'circle theory' will click.. And he'll try to share the theory with his clutchmates.

« Don't just stand there! Get up and move!! » Your Gnaedath is a mover and a shaker! And he might even try to convince you that his muscles have a mind of their own when you are wanting him to stay still. For the most part he will spend his time bounding and pouncing like a kitten… but also like a kitten, sometimes he will try to blend with the ground as he slithers around in overblown stealth. All of his movements are over the top and exaggerated. Even after weyrlinghood, your lifemate will whisper his thoughts to himself while in stealth mode; many of which will often sound like they came from a Harper's script!

Egg Inspiration:
Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.
My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.
He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
-Robert Frost

Nomi writes: "I'm a sucker for poetry-inspired eggs, firelizards, and dragons. Probably because I'm not a terribly good writer, on my own, I do love working with the brilliance of others. So this egg was desced with the help of the very talented and much-loved, Robert Frost.

"In addition, the longest night of the year is one of my favorite days. I like the deep dark. I love how the stars get so bright, and the moon gets so brilliant, and you can imagine the world just getting darker and darker and darker till there is nothing but black.

"We have a tradition, in our family, of skiing by moonlight on the solstice, if we can. The world is usually glittering with moonlight on trees feathered with weeks of icy hoarfrost. It is brutally cold. It is absolutely brilliant. Then we come home, pretend we do not have power, and play board games by candlelight as we defrost with liquer-laced hot chocolates and pull icicles out of our hair. Yes, it is a very good day, the shortest day, a day to be savored and a night to luxuriate in." – Nomi

Name Inspiration:
Figured we'd make things a bit easier on you by sharing the links to the site you've added a bit of fame to!

Inspiration's Inspiration…
Chinook Winds / Chinook Arch:
"Those who have not the warm, invigorating Chinook winds of this country, cannot well comprehend what a blessing they are. The icy clutch of winter is lessened, the earth throws off its winding sheet of snow. Humanity ventures forth to inhale the balmy spring like air. Animated nature rejoices." (1900–Calgary weekly Herald)

The effects of the chinook winds are considered a blessing and a curse. These winds bring on the end of a harsh winter; melting the snow or even causing it to evaporate as the winds are quite warm to say the least. It has been reported that, psychologically, many people feel better. However, highly strung people may begin to shake, fidget, or report a nervous disorder. Many people also report of frequent headaches.

But the effects aren't only on people and snow. The chinook winds are so warm in fact that they cause large and /rapid/ temperature changes So rapid in fact that rivers and lakes lose their ice up to one inch per hour, certain types of trees die off that cannot deal with such rapid changes. Red belt often occurs once the chinook winds finish their pass since the heat leaves just as quickly as it came in.

So rapid that the air loses moisture, causing the soil to lose moisture and then be blown away. This extreme dryness during the heat of the chinook winds can even force wood to split Even greater, the dry heat causes violent grass and forest fires. And you can only imagine, considering they are in fact /winds,/ how quickly the fire could spread out of control spontaneously.


All in all, Gnaedath is /filled/ with life, love, happiness, and everything in between! Good luck on W'ren ever knowing where Gnaedath is, what he's up to, and how many people /don't/ know all of W'ren's secrets by the time he finds him!

Imogen and gold Hestiath
Iona and gold Orlaith
Izara and brown Vsuviath
Kyana and green Jianth
O'diah and blue Alysiuth
Taini and gold Birgith
T'jano and green Mrrth
Thera(Esther) and brown Hadamarth

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