Sire and Dam: Eviyath & Ikaroth
Hatching Date: Saturday, March 29, 2008
Theme of Clutch: The Four Seasons
Theme of Dragonets: Weather / Elements / Elemental Things
Hatchling Name: Benevolent Butterfly Effect Brown Dragonet
Dragon Name: Hadamarth

Clutch Message:
Caught in the grip of winter, Eviyath's slowed and stiffened, nearly surrendering to the internal ice and frostbite that clings fast. Sheer determination sees her though the relentless darkness of these unending labors to displace the cold chill and deposit a mother's thrill.

Everlasting Winter Egg
Icy white and feathers of hoarfrost chill the shell of this little egg as if freezing it in a brutal, wicked fist of cold. Most of the shell is hued to winter, snow-white and petrified, with only a faint promise of color gleaming arctic, glacial blue in craquelaure across the top and the hint of a forest warming the far side. Here the hue of tree and wardrobe invite imagination: an underbrush of bark-brown, thin-needling pines, and fur-lined coats in sable and tan grow up around a stripe as black as soot capped in golden lantern-light.

Hatch Message:
Everlasting Winter Egg sits quietly unmoving until a faint tap from within makes a small hairline fracture in the ice, sending out ripples in an ever-widening spidering path of consequence across the shell. Eventually the entire ovoid is covered in a complicated maze of cracks, which remains oddly intact as an anxious silence pervades. It isn’t until several steady heartbeats later that the winterscape implodes to reveal the guilt ridden subject within. Large broad-sailed wings snap out to fan free of the compact egg that was obviously a tight fit for the robust Benevolent Butterfly Effect Brown Dragonet which it has held captive for all these months.

Impression Pose (what the audience sees):
Benevolent Butterfly Effect Brown Dragonet settles oh so carefully to his haunches, a backwards glance assuring that no sandcrawlies or worms have been massacred in this motion. Deeply his head dips, a bow towards Kyana's presence, but then he brings his face to bear on Esther and regards her with grave magnanimity.

Impression Message (what you see):
The first inkling that something is remiss comes in the form of an added weight to your mind, pressing down as a kaleidoscope of scented smoke and candle flames envelope you in a caressing embrace. Distant hints of music gently invade: a single guitar singing a loving tune, accompanied by a lilting violin and humming cello, softly entwining about a voice that is so subtle it touches like a brushing kiss « I apologize for the weight. » You feel it lifting, becoming less intrusive, but still definitely /there/. « I will learn. You will teach me. We will learn together - /everything/. Love, learn, and be together forever. I am your Hadamarth. You are my Thera. »

Dragonet Description:
The solid graphite of a bluntly curved muzzle confronts the broad expanse of burled fledgling muscle. Cinnamon chocolate dusts back's ridge and the far expanses of his sails, only to be encumbered by olive green with faint rippling strokes of charcoal throughout. Feline stripes bleed into the leading edge of ample cumbersome wings, while earthly shadows are held at bay by a dividing line almost unnaturally white. The same ivory drips from the thick leathery trailing edge, and highlights the tail tip for emphasis. Cocoa-dipped paws, oversized and unwieldy, carry him benevolently through life with the sedate fervor of the enlightened.

I’d like to be,
be like the wind,
singing around
I’d like to be,
like the wind,
dancing around
Like the wind,
touch everything
Just like the wind

I’d like to be,
be like a cloud,
floating by
I’d like to be,
be like a cloud,
in the sunshine
A cloud that seeks your haunting face
Just like a cloud

I’d like to be,
be like the flame,
of forest fires
I’d like to be,
be like the flame,
of the bonfires.
Like the flame rising toward you
Just like the flame

I’d like to be,
be the guitar,
a singing heart
I’d like to be,
be the guitar,
a throbbing heart
Like the guitar,
that you may fill,
with your song

-Fawn Fables “I’d Like To be”

In your candidate questionnaire, Thera, you asked for a dragon who would temper your character. Meet Hadamarth, your gentle giant whose serenity and bottomless goodwill will ease the transitions of your life and smooth over rough patches, both internally and externally, all the days you are together.

Esther was raised with rules; the safety and rigidity they provided her have begun to unravel since arriving at the Weyr and learning that things cannot always be done according to the book. She faces the challenges of deciding which rules she must abide by and which are empty words, always an uncertain position to be in. With Hadamarth, however, there's no such worry - he has one rule and one rule alone: do only kindness.

No need to fear; your dragon is no great crusader out to paste a smile on every being's face. His methods are far more subtle and simplistic than that. He strives to be the best dragon that he can be, to walk carefully through this world and mind his steps, and when the chance arrives to treat another with respect and love, to take it. He leads by example, rather than by preaching, and through his actions hopes to encourage others to pay it forward. The pay it forward concept - it's literally the butterfly effect. Random acts of kindness, minor acts, that subtly press their recipient to pay the next one they meet in kind. It's a chain reaction that could be felt across Pern.

You are his first kind act, of course, although there's nothing minor about it. Loving you, unconditionally, strikes him as the most important thing he could do in all the world. He's understanding of your moods and tempers, but replies to angry words or sharp looks with gentle sweeps of civility. « I know he's made you angry, but yelling back at him will not ease your heart or his. Speak softly, calmly, or walk away until you both are calm. » By calming you, he allows you in turn to calm your antagonist, who will not walk away angry and affect the next person they run into, ruining their day, onward and onward. He's never dominating or in your face, but rather part of the background that keeps life rolling along. Subtle. Careful. Quiet. Happy.

Quiet. Yes, he doesn't say much, Hadamarth doesn't. Don't expect any gossip except in the form of caring inquiry: « I have heard that Jianth is unwell. We should visit and cheer her. » When he does initiate a conversation, it's most likely to share a piece of wisdom or point out a lesson:

In an effort to bring you closer to your own inner harmony, he will take special care to help you see all sides of an issue you are tussling with. This isn't always the best thing to do - sometimes a body just wants to have a fit, and damn the logic of it - but for all his compassion Hadamarth is devoid of deep passions, simply allowing them to wash over him and pass on to leave him unchanged beneath. On occasion, when your feelings are completely beyond his ability to pacify, he will hush you with his infallible certitue: « Patience, my heart. Just watch, and the problem will unfold itself. » And that will be the end of his part of the discussion.

When we told you Hadamarth had only one rule, it was the truth, but there are several methods in which he conscientiously pursues this goal. The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism isn't canon on Pern, but it's in your dragon's head nevertheless:

1. Right Speech—One speaks in a non hurtful, not exaggerated, truthful way.
2. Right Actions—Wholesome action, avoiding action that would do harm.
3. Right Livelihood—One's way of livelihood does not harm in any way oneself or others; directly or indirectly.
4. Right Effort/Exercise—One makes an effort to improve.
5. Right Mindfulness/Awareness—Mental ability to see things for what they are with clear consciousness.
6. Right Concentration/Meditation—Being aware of the present reality within oneself, without any craving or aversion.
7. Right Understanding—Understanding reality as it is, not just as it appears to be.
8. Right Thoughts—Change in the pattern of thinking.

As unromantic as it sounds, your Hadamarth is the Tortoise to the Hare. It’s not that he’s slow, but rather steady and sure. He’s the night flyer, best when his darkling color blends; lethally silent. The physical bulk might make him slower than others, but his cautious nature won’t allow him to expend useless energy. There’s a lot of soaring, and gliding, wings held fast and making only minute adjustments as needed. This allows your boy a stamina that reaches right into bronze territory – you’ll be so proud when he sweeps slowly in on that gold or green, mating to cause ripples throughout eternity.

This is his suggested soundtrack for flights. Please do ignore the ridiculous introduction, but I couldn't find a better version easily accessible:

The best sounding version can be found at: - click on 'Renunciation' on the player.

There are instants of tricky excitement, but they are reserved for just the right moments, and even they are as steady as the rhythm of the night, and as consistent as the candle-flame that lights the way.

Hadamarth is the guy who most always saves the day, though not in a big showy fashion, but rather being the perfect pick-guy. The one you can always count on, who cleans up the messes from the flashy guys above who are busy proving themselves in loud bursts of flame, and exaggerated over-used maneuvers. As in flights, he does not waste time or energy, but rather makes efficient use of both, not to control the elements and air, yet work with them as all beings in nature should. A harmony that plays out repeatedly and successfully throughout the natural world, and your boy is clever enough, and wise enough to partake very successfully. So don’t fret that he may not be on that top level of dragons when flying thread; take heart in knowing that when the day is through, it will be Hadamarth that has saved life, limb, and Pern.


Hadamarth is big, a very big brown, bigger than Vsuviath (who is not small) and quite possibly as big as Ezzith (only don't suggest that to I'nigo). He lacks his fiery clutchbrother's litheness, however; his blunt, broad frame (if you can imagine a dragon as a stealth bomber, that's it) works against his conscientious efforts not to harm the smallest thing. Yet what he lacks in grace, he makes up for in determination.

Mind Voice:
It starts with a single flame that kisses the wick of a candle to ignite the tune. A bowl of oil flares, and the curling smoke coils around the airy guitar, with faint highlights of the tin upon tin ting of a triangle. The amber wash of tea spills into a golden cup, and hands clasp in prayer as the song begins; a sighing song of the violin, winding, threading throughout the mind. His words are always spoken softly, like a compassionate stroke of wisdom imparted by one in touch with ancient deities. The voice is small, unlike him, trained with careful attention to subliminally soft hues full of smoky venerable clues which he imparts only infrequently, and with infinite care. As much as the words are melodiously delicate they carry a power and weight that is unmistakable. Don’t be overwhelmed Thera, his patience for you is inexhaustible; as far reaching as time itself.

Yungchen Lhamo's video is the embodiment of visuals in Hadamarth's mind voice. While her voice is obviously feminine, the music and sentiment remain. Om Mani Padme Hum, the mantra of loving compassion.

Mind Scent:
Soft wind gently brushes airy tranquil clouds through your mind that touch lightly with a sublime caress. The billowing accumulation of scent carries with it various combinations; some of which might be frankincense and myrrh, sage and cedar, nag champa and patchouli, swirling and twinning in playful rings of smoke. The combinations are as endless as the wide world of herbs and spices. They burn via incense and candle, and steep in tea; often all at once. In his mind scent you will find all the ingredients of prayer and reflection, serenity and relaxation. Hadamarth is your own personal alter of calm.

Physical Voice:
Like his physical state of being, Hadamarth’s physical voice is broad and powerful, even if he’d prefer it to be soft and lilting. As much as he tries, and try he will, the poor thing cannot tame the round rumbling depth of his voice. As he’s growing this can come off awkward, and confusing to everyone around him. /RUMBLE/. Pause. Rumble. Pause. rumble. Silence. « I give up. »

Hadamarth has the fantastic distinction of being big and burly, even if /he/ might not consider that a plus. This excellent broad being will have a rocky start though, which will make the awkwardness of youth even more difficult for the two of you I’m afraid. He will literally balloon out in different places at different times. It’s like his growth meter is confused and out of sequence. The back legs will suddenly puff out powerfully, while the rest of his body remains stagnant the same for weeks, and then another portion – balloons.

It will take a lot of patience and time for him to learn to grow into his body, and it will be a real effort for both of you. Thankfully when it’s all over with and the growing is done, he will end up beautifully stout all the way around.

Eating Habits:
It may come as no surprise that Hadamarth doesn't like killing - he's afraid of killing the wrong beast, more specifically. He worries that each meal he eats was going to be the one that saved someone's life or improved the breed or something. It's one of the times that he's not unflappably calm or decisive. He'll dither about picking one, the right one.

When you're butchering meat, he'll tell you all about how which parts of the animal affect your own body - even if it's nonsense, he believes it. And he wants to eat every bit - no wasted food! « Not just the meat! Brains, heart, kidney, liver! Even the stomach. No waste. Never waste. Each part of it will become part of me, of us, and we will be stronger for it. It will not have died in vain. »

When he does his own hunting, he's slow to pick it up, because in this one place where his size would help, he tries to rein it in anyway. The actual act of killing will be as swift and merciful as possible, at least when he's figured out how to use his powerful body Hunting in the wild (as the Weyrleader has commanded) takes forever, it seems. They fly from flock to flock, herd to herd. "Pick already!" « No, these aren't right. Let's try the next meadow! »

And after you've spend what feels like hours searching for the right beast, be prepared to sit and wait for another several candlemarks as he ceremonially devours his kill. He eats the stomach first, because it'll help him digest. And then the heart, the strongest muscle, to make him strong. Then the rest of the muscles, and so on, until he finishes with the liver to 'purify his body.' No matter how often you tell him that the Healers don't concur with his beliefs, he won't be moved. « I feel it, inside of me, working as I tell you. Close your eyes and concentrate, you will feel it too. »

His soul may be that of a butterfly, but as Hadamarth's body is that of a large dragon, his movement is necessarily a little less flighty. Those big paws especially thwart him; it's terribly difficult not to be crushing trundlebugs and crawlies with every step, and the thought prompts him into extreme caution. As an adult, his physical self-mastery will be exquisite; all the power of piles of musculature may be channeled precisely to one cunning talontip. Until then, though, expect him to move slowly and painstakingly, and of course be unflappably calm about it. « There is no need to rush. All things happen in their own time. »

Weyr Relationships:

Jianth holds a special place in Hadamarth's heart; her brilliant madness touches him deeply and fills him with compassion for this sweet, troubled dragon who seems to have no inner balance of her own. If there was any singular dragon that he would feel /brotherly/ towards, it would be this wonderful waif, and look for her to turn to him on many corners of her life.

Hestiath's concern with all life will be an instant bond between them, though their only acknowledgement may be a simple blink of understanding.

Vsuviath is practically his opposite, full of cunning diversions and daredevilry, and Orlaith's strident anti-male stance may be trying, but magnanimous Hadamarth can accept and love them, too.

Inspirations… (any themes used, what inspired creators)
Egg Inspiration:
Taini/Nomi: The everlasting winter in Narnia—C.S. Lewis. Taini did the winter, Nomi put on the forest and the wardrobe full of coats because she too loooooves those books and the thought of an egg, being a wardrobe onto the world of a dragon was just too neat to pass up. Plus there were far too many winter-white-frosted eggs in already, so this one got tweaked to give it a sense of uniqueness.

Name Inspiration:
Sensitive dependence on initial conditions - the precursor to the theory now commonly known as the butterfly effect - was first described in the literature by Jacques Hadamard in 1890. You had listed H names as some of your favorite right now, with Hebredeth at the top of the list. Hadamarth felt very similar to us but had behind it the added incentive of having a meaning rooted in your dragon's concept.

Dragon Inspiration:

Okay, the theory is that a butterfly flaps its wings in the Andes and blows pollen that sets off a behive down in Argentina that blahblahblahs until there’s a tornado off the East Coast, etc, etc… A global domino effect. The heart of the Butterly Effect is that minor changes – and the key is minor – in the initial conditions may have a major impact on final results. This is one level of your dragon’s theme.

The other level is in practice, a Zen Buddhist monk. A dojo, cleric, priest, guru type that embodies the heart of what most all religions derive from – Peace /and/ Love. His life’s path follows that of the Buddhist, or any other spiritual being that seeks the road to enlightened serenity.

His description is based on the Laos Butterfly, which we thought was exceptionally beautiful, but also extremely interesting. The coloring and angles were very inspiring.

We hope you like him! No matter what you read, we want you to play what makes you happy, so please keep or disregard anything that is not appealing to you. Namaste!

Imogen and gold Hestiath
Iona and gold Orlaith
Izara and brown Vsuviath
Kyana and green Jianth
O'diah and blue Alysiuth
Taini and gold Birgith
T'jano and green Mrrth
W'ren and bronze Gnaedath

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